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B3 UI Kit

The project is built on Semantic-UI framework that helps create a clean, focused interface using human-friendly HTML. You just copy source links below (UI Kit's CSS and Javascript) and insert them into the head section of document.

Latest Version (1.0.5)
  • <!-- CSS -->
  • <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
  • <!-- Javascript -->
  • <script src=""></script>
  • New component for dropdown with an underline style.
  • Image of app now can be displayed by adding a class "app" into "ui image"
  • Added banner message to message components
  • Increased padding of Modal to make more comfortable and easily fill out the form.
  • Calendar module is now added to Semantic UI. See for javascript settings usage.
  • Added 2 new styles to button components : Outlined button and outlined primary button.
  • Support a descriptive label text appear inside an input.
  • Page menu is now shown with more options: sidebar navigator and pages, only pages and only icon. Added the class "expand" into tabular or secondary menu to make the line go fullscreen with full-width.
  • Google icons have been added to icon font.
  • New font type system, which is fully worked independently on the operating system, is Helvetica font for Mac OS or Arial font for Windows.
  • Checkbox, radio option components are removed out of semantic and reset their styles to default.'
  • Menu is customized to 4 shapes: default (including shadow and border), non-shadow, borderless and raised (floating)
  • Component's normal state is designed with flat style that gives the illusion of drop shadows, gradients or textures. Active states is used floating shadows to highlight.
  • The smallest supporting resolution is 1024px.
  • Border radius is 2px used only for button which supported focus action.
  • Input’s vertical paddings are increase from 11px to 13px.

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